Introduction to NOOMAHIA. Lecture 6. European civilization


1. European civilization is based on the titanomachia. Its center is problem of Dionysus.
2. When we define Dionysus as Sun and male principle we interpret him in the perspective of Indo-European civilization. It is the apollonian Dionysus – Olympian one. He is the Son of God and belong to the Heaven. So Zeus promised to him his own throne. He is the King of future, of kingdom to come.
3. In its nature Dionysus can be different as in Chinese civilization. He can be neutral. But it can be as well cybelian, black double of Dionysus.
4. European cultures solve the problem of Dionysus – every culture in its own manner.
5. Greek solution: apollonian Dionysian synthesis.
6. But in Hellenism we encounter new dimension of the culture. The Hellenism is based on Platonism and iranism. Iranism is dualistic Patriarchy.
7. Iranian Logos is based on War of Light and the culture of waiting. The concept is: the Light comes in to the Darkness. It fights with the darkness. And it is defeated by the Darkness. It dies. It is resurrected and come in the End of Time as Winner. So the is the time, salvation, Saviour, kingdom and metaphysics of Light.
8. Rome is pure apollonian in the beginning but afterwards Hellenistic.
9. Celt culture is attracted to the very powerful cybelian pole. The Dionysus obtains here the dark features. It is Orpheus figure – the descent in the Hell.
10. German is apollonian but in the warrior version. The struggle of the heroes against chtonic giants.
11. English culture is double: celt and german. It is bipolar.
Slavs are Dionysian and cybelian – by the proximity of the pole of the matriarchy in Balkans. European peasantry is balkanic by its origins