"BRICS is a Dialogue of Cultures" - Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin

"BRICS is a dialogue of cultures," while the West is still outside BRICS because it insists that there are no cultures and civilizations other than the Western one, Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin said at SPIEF-2024.

"BRICS is made up of cultures... BRICS is the dialogue of cultures. Talking about BRICS, we are already talking about this brand new multipolar model where there is no West. It is out of the game now because it insists that there are no cultures and civilizations; there is only one Western civilization, and it is the only one. That is why the BRICS countries oppose this hegemony, this racist colonial approach," Dugin said at a session of the BRICS Expert Forum.

The philosopher called BRICS a "unity of the different." According to him, there are many contradictions between the Islamic world and India, between the Chinese model and the Islamic model, between India and China, Africa and the Islamic world, and Russia as an Orthodox country is another totally different value system, but all these countries are united by the fact that they are building civilizations based on traditional values.

The BRICS Expert Forum "The Role of the BRICS in the Search for a New World Order" is being held at SPIEF on June 6, with sessions organized by the Rossiya Segodnya media group, parent agency to Sputnik, and Xinhua news agency.

Source: https://en.sputniknews.africa/