Dugin: Russia should contemplate hitting Ukraine with nuclear weapons

Dugin: Russia should contemplate hitting Ukraine with nuclear weapons

Alexander Dugin states that what is happening in Russia is only a "latent civil war," with the people and army on one side and the liberals on the other, opposing additional moves towards patriotism.

The Ukrainian regime has continued to shell the Donetsk region since 2014. It has killed Russians with terrorist attacks and attacked nuclear facilities endlessly, according to Alexander Dugin

Dugin believes that the new Crimean Bridge attack is no different and wrote in Geopolitika that  "As long as Ukraine exists with this insane population and this maniacal regime, it is simply foolish and irresponsible to think that anything in its behavior will change."

Moreover, the Russian philosopher believes that elections in Russia should be postponed and mobilization should take place as Russia faces a "completely insane, extremely aggressive enemy," backed by the West.

A year ago, Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian political philosopher and analyst Alexander Dugin, was killed in a car bombing prepared and executed by Ukraine's special services. He questions who was behind the collapse of the Union and who benefited from it, detailing that the "catastrophe" that Russia is in now has only just begun.

Dugin argues that Liberalism is an act of aggression against Russia, explaining that Putin began to correct this, "but it took 23 years, special patriotic war included, 5% of the liberals fled, 0.000001% were forcibly punished or expelled, another 15% changed their ideas to patriotic (sincerely or out of necessity, it does not matter). And the rest of the (liberal) accomplices are in place. And now they are obstructing with all their might the process of the country's transition to the army, patriotic reforms, and the rebirth of civilization."

He elaborates that the Russian people and history have long hated Gorbachev and Yeltsin, but the elite has yet to curse them. Perestroika and the 1990s reforms, which are regarded as a betrayal and a disaster by the people and history, are regarded as 'the golden age' and 'the beginning of the personal success story' by the elite. Now, Dugin says that Russia is at war with 1991 as well as Gorbachev and Yeltsin, and due to that anti-Russian sentiment that has become strongest in Russia itself.

Dugin believes this anti-Russia sentiment seeped into Ukraine and post-Soviet states, arguing that what is happening in Russia is only a "latent civil war," with the people and army on one side while the liberals on the other, continue to oppose additional moves towards patriotism.

He believes that Putin is the only one capable of preventing this war from switching from its latent phase to an open phase. He adds that the President is legitimate not only for the Russian people but the "will of the heaven, for providence," while the liberals are "illegitimate on either side."

In theory, Dugin continues that a new elite may be developed rapidly, but a new population is impossible by definition, even if liberals seriously considered it in the 1990s, steadily exterminating and beguiling the old ones.

Civil conflicts have an inescapable logic of their own he states.  A revolution from the top can be "creative" but a revolution from below has the potential to "tear everything apart." He argues that the current Russian situation calls for a revolution from above or the descent into civil war.

Dugin suggests some new measures should be implemented that do not necessitate a nuclear attack such as removing enemy agents from important positions in the state, reshuffling personnel, and initiating a large-scale mobilization of society. Additionally, he believes that admitting to have been deceived should no longer happen as he calls it a "Crime to believe the West."

Finally, he says abolishing peace in the country as well as declaring war is necessary.

Dugin states that an Emergency (Ernstfall) is when there is no peace, and the norms of emergency apply: danger threatens the nation, society, and state as a whole, thus all measures must be used to repel it.

He believes that Russia should contemplate hitting the adversary with nuclear weapons, something Kiev and its Western agents ( like Russian liberals) actually fear.

Moreover, Dugin believes that only the real sovereign is the one who can declare an emergency and make decisions under their own terms depending on the will and thought rather than the law. The philosopher concludes that only the state of emergency has the capability to restore order.

Source: Al Mayadeen English