International Eurasian Movement Program

Eurasian cultural dialog – basis of human history

Continent Eurasia – cradle of human culture and civilization. Eurasian continent gave birth to different social, spiritual and political forms that constitute major substance of human history. Eurasia is dipolar. It is possessed of Europe and Asia, West end East. Human history is subsequent dialogue, dialectic energy, value and technology exchange between these two poles that lasts more than thousand years.

East and West supplement each other

Eurasia has been crossed from West to East and back by nations and civilizations. Hordes of modern Europeans far ancestors had been crossing Asian deserts and at the same time civilizations of China, India and Persia flourished with advanced philosophy, technology and life comfort. Each culture has its own historical timing, different from any other.

What we call “absurdity” here, is considered “progressive” tomorrow or somewhere else now. What is called absolute truism here might be extremely local cult some other place. There is no way to idealize current events. World and its values subsequently change. We must always verify our judgments with the world history.

Eurasia – major criteria of our judgment. We must learn Eurasian thinking and we will easily understand West and East, progress and Tradition, steadiness and changeability, faith in past and future.

Globalization - challenge to nations and civilizations of Eurasian continent

Today, at times of globalization, dialogue between civilizations is more actual than ever before. Globalization comes from West but influences East. This process is very complex and contradictory, it puts more and more (sometimes quite dramatic) questions. Eurasia – as the major stage of this process – goes through it with hardship, because it is crossed by borders of great civilizations.

Like never before we need comprehension of logic and course of the history process. Every day our decision-making influences the future of our children. It is obvious that none of the nations, traditional confessions, social classes and even civilizations can solve all problems on its own.

We must listen to each other: Europe and Asia, Christians and Muslims, white and black people, citizens of the democratic states and the traditional ones. Key problem is to understand each other correctly, avoid hasty conclusions, be tolerant and have a profound respect to those, who have different value system.

Eurasian movement provides equitable multilateral dialogue to all involved

The “International Eurasian Movement” is being set up to boost dialogue between civilizations, confessions, nations, large and small social groups of our continent in the present context.

Our movement is open for dialogue to all subjects from Tokyo to Azores and does not want to dictate will to anyone about anything – we face more questions than answers.

We call for those, who feel responsibility for Eurasia, for its historical evolution from the past to the future, to combine efforts in implementing tomorrow of the countries on our continent.

We are strongly convinced that our goal is to save distinctiveness of nations, cultures, confessions, languages, value and philosophical systems that as a whole form “flowering complexity” (K.Leontiev) of our continent. Closing in any aspect never means loss of self-identity which is the highest value from our point of view.

We are strongly against globalization as ideological, economic, political “imperialism”: no one has right to impose his “local truth”, value system and socio-political model to the great nations of the Eurasian continent. Such notions as: “individual”, “freedom”, “life”, “authority”, “law”, “society”, “politics”, etc. vary much in different cultural, language, confessional contexts.

Eurasian nations have to be free and independent.

Wes and East, each confession and culture have its own truth, we can share it with each other, but never dictate.

Against “Babylon blending” and “new xenophobia”

Advance in science and technology made us closer to one another, but at the same time appeared the threat of “clash between civilizations”, new wave of terrorism, regional conflicts and wars.

How can we save identity and avoid conflicts? We will find solution through constitution of International Eurasian Movement.

Eurasia as motherland

Eurasian continent is not small is not big – it is sufficient. It is less than whole planet but much more than any state, single cultural ore confessional area.

We aim for wealth to all nations on the continent, constitution of Eurasian Common House for all of us. We strive for great goal, but we are strong enough to achieve it – our reserve – treasury of man’s thought, high-spirit guiding-lines, imposing economic property, varied types of social systems, unique languages etc.

Eurasia is great foundation, laid by our ancestors more that several thousands of years in Asia, and Europe. It is our motherland and if we love and respect it, we will gain great interest; Eurasia gives us power, but seeks our support and defense.

International Eurasian Movement is the pulse of our life, our history, which will not end up until we exist and act!