Adress of A. Dugin at the constitutive conference of Eurasian International Movement

1. Symbolic date of the conference: St Michael Archangels day (November 20th)

It is very symbolic that we are holding our conference on the eve of St. Michael Archangel’s day. According to orthodox tradition it is held of the eighth day of the ninth month (in ancient times year began on 1 March). “Ninth” symbolizes nine archangels, “eighth” – eternity, sacral moment of Resurrection, when “time will convert into space” and triumphant “End of the world” – “parusia” or doomsday begin.

German conservative revolutionary (and it is very important to remember that eurasian idea – one of the main trends of the conservative-revolutionary philosophy) Artur Muller van den Brook expressed truly deep thought: “Eternity is always with conservative”. It means dear associates that eternity is with us.

Archangel Michael plays in monotheistic tradition very large part – he is the archistrategist, leader of archangelic army, army of good that opposes demons of evil. Its everlasting vertical axis of the world history super drama.

Angel fight is out of time and lasts forever – it is set into eternity as a structurizing paradigm. Clash of civilizations, nations, religions are the projection of it.

Shadow of the great battle falls on history, giving the time sense, substance and directional sense. According to all said history becomes sacred – becomes “hierohistory”.

Signs indicate that today we are reaching last precinct of the intensive super drama of the world history. In this drama people are brothers-in-arms of archangels. In liturgical orthodox irmos was written: “And gave God to people little less then to angels”.

Almost all religions and traditions claim – globalization, “new world order” , “unipolar world”, “world cabinet” – are symbols of Lucifer , strategic constructions of “God enemies” – Archangel Michael`s direct enemies. Christians identify this “new world order” as “antichrist”, muslims as “dadjallah”, judes – “great melting” (“erev rav”), hinduists – as forces of Kali Juga, Buddhists – Mara, demon of illusion.v On the other side of all differences between doctrines, rituals and dogmata exists special tradition – tradition of Archangel Michael, “michaelic” veiled light. It is affiliation of human to “hierohistory”, right (and obligation) to be a soldier of one of the two opposing armies.

Eurasian idea in its highest sense – projection of michaelic, vertical outtime pillar of light on history in its final stage of redemption.

Archangel Michael is often pictured with a sword in one hand and with scales in another. Scales mean justice. German philosopher M. Haidegger in his “Holzwege” analyzed very important for us poem of Rhien Maria Rilke. It was about “handing over the scales from merchant to Archangel”.

This words are crucial for us – they can be used as manifest of Eurasian ideology: “handing over the scales from merchant to Archangel”. “New world order”, globalization, “unipolar world” – social order of merchant power based on human rights and liberal values that works out paradigms and criteria at will.

Eurasian idea on the contrary is radically differs in interpretation of history of the world. It means radical renewal of cultural health, it is, I repeat again, “handing over the scales from merchant to Archangel” – Purple Archangel (Sohravardi).

Eurasian ideology implies change of current paradigm to michaelic paradigm of spirit and eternity.

Eurasian symphony of nations, cultures and tradition is like rustle of wings.

2. Form political party to the International Eurasian Movement

The Eurasian idea’s organizational phases are represented as a dynamic process. As the living, the Eurasian idea develops from the one-fixed form another.

The history of political and organizational efforts of the first Eurasians was the subject of wide speculation in our previous actions; the details you can read in the published reading-book "The Eurasian Thought Basics", and in other reviews.

The history of neo-Eurasian idea is not scrutinized closely. The neo-Eurasian idea is reappeared in the middle of 80th years in Russia. In the beginning it was a small ideological circle. At a later date there were publishing house, journals, books, radio- and television programs, the “New University”. In 2000 the all-Russian political movement "Eurasia" was established, then it was reorganized to a political party. Today we take the following step, and establish "The International Eurasian Movement". Every stage is the consecutive step. The substantial vector remains constant, its application to the concrete social conditions demands new decisions. Every stage has its own value and significance. When one cycle comes to an end, the new cycle begins.

Two years of political party structuring have shown both advantage and shortcoming. The advantage is the growing popularity of the Eurasian ideas, and the willingness of my adherents and followers to express organizational efforts. I am grateful to everyone who participated in a short stage of the political party structuring. The party experiment has shown, that the Eurasian ideas gradually expand the influence; and today there are people who ready to make a basis of the All-Russian organization.

For these three years we have published the great number of books, collected texts, convened the tens of conferences and symposia, scientific and publicist round-table discussions.

I have published more than 100 theoretical articles; have given countless numbers interviews in different mass media. Probably, there are no politicians I haven’t discussed Eurasian ideas with.

Political party was the key means in popularizing neo-Eurasian ideology, but from the very first moment were giving everyone notice that Eurasian idea is wider than one party. First of all it is ideological, spiritual movement, political philosophy and weltanschauung. Eurasian can be with the framework of one party but never only within its limits. This is what first Eurasians wrote about.

This year elections showed that appearance of Eurasian idea as a political party is untimely. If we are a party, others are something else. Is they represent real parties we are not the one. If we consider this as the starting point we can talk about negative experience of operating within the party-form.

We face the inconsistency between greatness and actuality of Eurasian idea itself and very modest embodiment in contemporary Russian policy. Inevitable electoral failure of P.Borodin and his party that was constantly fluctuating at zero-level definitely proofs all mentioned above.

At the same time leaders of the biggest parliamentary parties (“Edinaya Rossya”, “KPRF”, “SPS”) expressed their tolerance to Eurasian ideas in private talks with me and in interviews and public debates on TV. Party-form of Eurasian ideology made them consider us as their rivals.

Several past years we have developed international activity. I had negotiations with the President of Kazakhstan Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev, top-officials from the administrations of Leonid Kuchma, Vladimir Lukashenko, Askar Akaev, Emmamali Rahmonov, Heidar Alyev, Robert Kocharyan and also with speaker of Armenian parliament, vice-speaker of Geragian Parliament and many others. All of them showed their will to support Eurasian ideas. But, as the party could function only within the framework of Russian law system, we encountered insuperable obstacles.

We took into consideration all said above and worked out joint decision of constitution of the International Eurasian Movement. Our movement has non-political and non-party format. It is social movement that promulgates ideas, projects, philosophy, spirit.

We views are steady but in organizational aspect we step in new form, we cross the borders of one state and straight off strengthen our potential. Eurasian movements registered officially not only in all countries of the CIS except Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, but also in Baltic countries, England, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Pakistan, Israel, Australia etc. Together we will come forward as members of solid and powerful, “continental” international organization.

Being organized as All-Russian political party we experienced much difficulties in establishing connections with traditional confessions who avoid policy in any way, but today we are able to grant membership to religions organizations or be an organic part of different religious structures, for example my individual membership in presidium of World Russian National Synod led by His Holiness Patriarchy Alexiy II. Today if there will be our good will we can join the Synod as collective member. So all issues with Russian Orthodox Church, Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia, Hindu, Judaic, buddhistic, protestant and old believers religious organizations concerning our organizational status are brought to end.

Another kind of collective members are social organizations. I can say that leaders “Georgian community of Russia” (300000+ individual members) already agreed to join us on the basis of collective membership. If this process will continue, we can talk about millions of followers in recent future.

Russian law system has no procedures concerning transformation of party into international movement, so we decided to act on our own – we are constituting International Eurasian Movement as completely new reality, though it is logical advance of our organization that has more than 20 year history. Today I kindly offer all adherents of Eurasian idea to join us in our movement.

We have no tenets, we have ideas, and we are open to all who share.

3. Alternative Eurasian net in post modernistic world.

I would like to talk about the very historical moment we live in. Today is era of postmodern. This means that times of modernity gone away. All that compiled the substance of the Age of Enlightenment – social, cultural, ideological, political, scientific and economic models became completely exhausted. We are witnesses of new era – era of postmodernism that cannot be stopped by any means.

Era of postmodern is era of globalization, ultra liberalization and domination of unipolar world, net style of life, canceling traditional forms of identity – national states, confessions, ethnic groups and even family and gender. “Open society” comes instead of government, religious extremism and indifference instead of traditional confessions, individuals instead of nations, clones and transgenic cyborgs instead of common people. Postmodernism destroys modernism in every aspect.

In other words when modernism began evolving it was opposed by traditional society, but this opposition was formal and was easily overcame by modernism. But a part of tradition accepted the challenge of modernism and invested its energy into new ideology – with outer modernism and inner tradition: we can talk about all neoliberal doctrines – nationalism, socialism, social-democracy, conservative revolution. Liberalism remains as modernism orthodoxy. But when it overcame its ideological rivals – fascism, communism and even social democracy –era of postmodernism began. The only difference is in absolutism and non-alternativity of the doctrine.

Postmodernism today won his most desired victory – control over history, traditional society and even modernism Today we can oppose it but as in the past it well be very formal. In reality it is:


  • National state vs globalization;
  • Geopolitical dualism of Earth and the Sea vs “the Flood”;
  • Traditional family and normal rebirth process vs transgender operations, unisexual marriage and clone production;
  • Collectivism vs total individualism;
  • Reality vs “television screen” and TV falsifications;
  • Real (old) economics vs finance, virtual and neoeconomics.

Those aspects of modernism that were not included in postmodernism sequel Tradition and together fight against postmodernism. This fact makes available alliances of conservatives and socialists.

Eurasian philosophy presents unique understanding of present situation much earlier than other doctrines, claims that we must invest our energy into new project challenging postmodernism along with simply opposing it. In other words we must place Eurasian substance into shape of postmodernism. This is fight for eternity.

Arthur Mueller van den Brook, well known theorist of Conservative Revolution, friend of D. Merejkovsky and translator of Dostoevsky on German, in his “Third reign” wrote: “Conservatives oppesed Revolution in the past, but today we must head and give it proper direction.” We, adherents of Eurasian ideology, mustact there same: we are backing Tradition and we will sacrifice shape to substance.

I repeat – eurasionism is postmodernism, but with radically different inner substance We accept the challenge of globalization, admit that we all need new rules to play the game. We are not fighting for the past nor in politics, culture, economics, but propose original and self-sufficient scenario for the future.

Principles of Eurasian postmodernism are:


  • After fading of national state globalization must lead not to united “Global Empire”, but to several continental empires. (constellation of empires against the Empire);
  • Let the Land be as global as “Atlantic space” (Geraclit “ecpurus” instead of the Flood);
  • Change of gender ethics through returning to archaic forms and neosacred experiment;
  • Individual will merge into new form of collective identity – ecstatic and empire by the radicalization of solitude experience;
  • Symbols and TV signs replaced material things – we must become masters of the TV screes, establish control over the Symbol and suppress the Show of postmodernism;
  • Even real economic was forced out by the virtual one we must break in the inner heart of electronic exchange and provide the dead short to it. (Operation “Eurasian Soros”, world currency collapse for the great Idea) …
  • Political party – rudimental tool of modernism. Eurasianism is the net all over the Globe. We must be every and nowhere at a time, ready to be together for blazing collective action at any time.

We are in new millennium. Its code is disgusting, but we must say the living Word with the power, enough to irreversibly bug the world operational system.

4. Actuality of Movement to current politics

Few words about Russia. From one pint of view we experience positive changes in politicl climate of our country. Vladimir Putin finally becomes himself. Globalization-oriented, ultraliberal oriented wing of Russian policy is being suppressed. Oriented on atlantism top officials leave their posts, or go to prison. This means that postmodernism and globalization faced strong repulsion of the President V. Putin and his conservative surroundings. Authorities more and more appeal to religion, traditional values and culture. We, Eurasians, hail and back it up.

When we face globalization and ultra liberalism in our politics we understand that this is not just a “plot”, but a frame of challenges initiated by very powerful historical and ideological powers.

Common executors are on the surface, but true mechanisms of postmodernism are hidden. Opposing them through saving the national state, traditional industrial schemes - protectionism or mobilization economics certainly is not enough.

Under this circumstances nationalism, xenophobia and so-called “hail-patriotism” are able to finish Russia much faster than globalization. That’s why Eurasian theory is so important and actual.

First of all Eurasian patriotism is able to oppose nationalism and xenophobia (Empire vs State – this allows different nations to join new powerful world-wide geopolitical installation and be sure for their own future).

Second. Eurasian International Movement key goal is to boost integration on all post soviet space. It is integration of civil societies and its key institutions, taking into consideration cultural, ethnic and confessional features.

Third. Fastest constitution of Eurasian Union will solve many internal Russian problems, including major problem of 2008 year – continuity of power from Putin to his successor. New governmental system will solve this question. According to it there will be implemented preventive measures against ethnic separatism inside Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the Union.

Forth. Eurasianism will promote integration with European Union.

Fifth. Our movement will help our country to intensify cooperation with Asia and Islamic world.

5. Structure of Eurasian International Movement and general lines of its activity

Ìåæäóíàðîäíîå Åâðàçèéñêîå Äâèæåíèå, ñîçäàâàåìîå ñåãîäíÿ íàìè, áóäåò èìåòü ñåòåâóþ ñòðóêòóðó.

Eurasian International Movement will be represented as a net.

Eurasian committee coordinates activity of its departments, improves general structure of Movement. Departments function according to goals and tasks written in Charter of Movement, submit their policy according to Eurasian Committee and High Council.

Eurasian Committee constitutes “Eurasian Economic Club” that well financially support the Movement, its special projects, different round tables, conferences, sponsoring edition of books and other materials and media projects. Representatives from banking and heavy industry, different businessmen expressed have are already expressing will to join this club.

According to the Charter of the Movement our organization can join individuals and different social movements, organizations and juridical persons. In other words all who share our ideas.

We have great number of departments in Russia on the basis of our previous organizational structures. Today we welcome guests from 18 subjects of Russian Federation that will form regional base of the movement. We also got greeting letters from more than 28 subjects of RF.

Adherents from 34 countries expressed will to constitute departments of our Movement. Other 19 – are initiative groups.

Our main force is in our mind, activity and connection with each other. We must strongly use mass communications. Presented in the World Wide Web exists in reality. Internet is our main means.

Few words about mass media. Cursing massing TV, press and media is senseless. Of course these are monstrous means of postmodernism, summoned to fool people, transform them into biomechanics. We must do our best to be on the other side of the screen, promulgation. Remember that TV staff are people too. We must capture their souls in our Eurasian net. We must also fund our own media, cognitive and exiting.

Main point in our actions – adherence to Tradition. Closer to cradle – valuably for us. Faith is all.

Adherents of eurasionism around the world must bring to life and support traditional confessions. For Russia it is Russian Orthodox Church and especially Russian Old Orthodox Rite Church.

We must constitute Eurasian internet, TV channels and Eurasian mass media. Today we cal already talk about “eurasian science and culture” etc.

True eurasionists must be acknowledged by blazing eyes, inner light that comes from their hearts, clear mind and hard will.

If postmodernism will go its way without any changes we will be soon opposed by cybers, clones, atlantic golems, ords of “gogs and magogs”

I think that soon to be adherent of eurasionism is just to be a man.