Putin's oath to the future

This term of Putin's presidential term is crucial. It is not just ordinary elections, but decisive moment of modern Russian history. Putin has arrived at summit of his historic career at the head of Russia. The Russian Federation was established in early 90-s as imitation of Eastern European peripheric country depending form the liberal global West and heading toward humble integration into it. The Russia was on the eve of non-existence, following tragic fate of Soviet Union. But then Putin came. And has saved the State and people.

Putin during his long rule has changed the very nature of Russia. Now Russia is not any more peripheric Western country but newly re-emerging super-power, Civilization-State. And this oath of loyalty to Russian people, Russian State and Russian history of Putin is the recognition of his deeds and the promise of the future. What future?

I think that during upcoming term -- decisive one -- Putin will change the formal structure of Russian Constitution. He has already done some important improvements in it but still it rests somehow colonial imposition of the West that felt itself during 90-e as unquestionable center of multipolar world. So now we are already in different multipolar reality and this fact needs to be fixed in new sovereign Constitution.

Before this moment Putin was obliged to solve many technical problems. Now his position is so solid that he can dedicate himself to really historical deeds and acts. The challenge of this term is re-shape the State and society of Russia, to install the sovereignty in all the levels and layers of reality. So today something extremely important is taking place in Russia. The one of the most important pillar of multipolar world order is erected anew and opens new horizons to the future.