North Korea is a beautiful thing. Interestingly, the Korean word 'Juche' (주체) is a deeply philosophical term and means 'subject' or even the Heideggerian Dasein. It has everything else included in it: independence, freedom, civil sovereignty.

The history of Korea and particularly its northern regions (the ancient Joseon under the divine Tangun) is a history of absolutely heavenly pride. Korea was able to stand up to the great China and effectively resist repeated invasion attempts by the mighty Japan (it only succeeded in the southern regions, where Koreans are softer and weaker than in the north).

That said, Korea has taken a lot from China: writing, culture, Confucianism, Taoism and the Chinese reinterpretation of a refined and sophisticated Buddhism. While recognizing the greatness of Catai, Korea has always maintained its unshakeable and inviolable core, and that is Juche.

Only an ignorant or despicable liberal, a slave of the West, can mock the 'Juche'.

We need the same ideology i.e. the Russian Juche, the reign of the Russian Subject, the strength and power of the Russian Dasein.

Putin is going to Korea: it looks like the big is going to the small but proud. This is not condescension, but a dialogue between subjects.

The Juche is moving towards the Juche.

We can make an excellent point, because it should have been so long ago. Russia, if it is a subject, i.e. if it is Juche, should behave like this and it does not matter whether we consider ourselves a Western civilization or not. If it were the West, it would have to be the true, Byzantine, orthodox, catechontic West. Although it is better to consider ourselves simply Continent-Russia, Russian civilization.

Civilization is first of all having the centre in oneself, relying only on one's own strength and mind. Civilization is a sovereign subject, over which there is only Heaven, no authority except that of it. That is why civilization is Juche.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini