Tension towards the awakening

Tension towards the awakening

As no one draws serious conclusions from the March for Justice, the clouds begin to thicken again. So far it is difficult to say what kind of hurricane they will develop into.

Firstly, in the coming days, perhaps hours, the enemy will start attacking in full force, I think in the Kherson area to cut off Crimea. They need it for the NATO summit on 11-12 July, they need an argument with blood in their noses, but to successfully repel and thwart the enemy's plans, we ourselves need some kind of symbolic action, that is, new motivation and new hope, this applies to everyone, to the army and to society, and these things are much more closely connected than they seem. We need someone to shout 'Forward! For the Motherland! For Stalin!" and enter the fray (and not the bushes).

Secondly, the authorities continue to reject the fact that we are already in an emergency situation (Ernstfall), which means new conditions - even legal conditions - for political existence. Prigozhin reminded us of this harshly. This message (and not the formal demands, impossible to fulfil in both substance and form) should have been read, understood and put into practice. The question was asked by Prigozhin and the entire nation expected an answer, but there is none. Indeed, the absence of an answer is itself an answer, in my opinion historically and politically wrong.

Thirdly, events - both the whole SMO and the recent uprising - show that a restructuring of our political system is necessary. In part it has proven to be quite adequate, which is why it has been able to withstand these blows, and in part it has not, because these blows were there and had to be repelled. The ruling class is adapting to the war effort, but too slowly and without adequate symbolism. Propaganda has a life of its own, I am not saying it is useless, but too often it is not directed at anything.

Fourthly, everything we do (and often correctly and sensibly), we do with considerable delay. If we even get on a train when it has moved, and have to run at breakneck speed to reach the last carriage and risk jumping off the platform, dropping our luggage, modern warfare is above all a matter of speed, both of initiative and reaction. There is a whole philosophy of speed, dromology, which studies, among other things, the phenomenon of dromocracy, or power based on speed. In NATO, this has long been part of strategy and tactics, and it is not the age of the people making the decisions (sometimes this factor matters, but it is not the main one), but temperament, passion. You could say: whatever you do, do it fast, even if you make a mistake, you gain time to correct it. If you make a mistake quickly, you correct it quickly, and if you take a long time to think, to measure, to decide, and then you make a mistake, it will take just as long to come to terms with it. If we keep falling behind, procrastinating and hesitating, we will not get it right.

Here's a way: look at what you put off until later - tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the 'after election' - and do it now, immediately. It's like jumping out of a plane: it's scary, it makes you dizzy, but then you soar through the air like a bird in the sky. Let's do it today, what we can't do in time, maybe we shouldn't have done.

Eventually everything will settle down, at the moment of Awakening. We are still in a semi-sleep. We live, we rule and we fight. It is time to wake up.