From Ukraine to the Middle East: On the Brink of World War 3

From Ukraine to the Middle East: On the Brink of World War 3

Russia, as a pole of a multipolar world, is fighting the West in Ukraine. Many Islamic countries, influenced by Western propaganda, did not clearly understand the reasons, goals, and the very nature of this war, assuming it was a regional conflict (and there are many such in the Islamic world itself). But now, as globalism in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict directly affects all Muslims worldwide, Russia’s special military operation takes on a different meaning in their eyes. This is a struggle of the multipolar world against the unipolar one, meaning it is fought not only in the interests of Russia as a pole but also indirectly (or even directly) in the interests of all emerging geopolitical poles. China understands this best, and among Islamic countries — Iran. However, there is a rapidly growing geopolitical consciousness in other Islamic societies — in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Hence the attempts at rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Turkey’s sovereign policy. And the more the Islamic world sees itself as a pole, a single civilisation, the clearer Russia’s behaviour becomes. Putin is already a popular leader on a global scale, especially in non-Western countries. Now, in the eyes of the world, his strategy acquires a very clear sense and justification: Russia is already fighting full force against unipolarity, that is, against globalism and the West.

Currently, the West, along with its Israeli proxy, is attacking the Islamic world, subjecting Palestinian Arabs to genocide.

Thus, the moment of Islam arrives. And in this potential war of Muslims against Western hegemony, which could flare up at any moment (knowing the Israelis, there is no doubt that they do not intend to stop until they completely destroy the Palestinians; the war already has a biblical scale), the Islamic world has objective allies. In this situation, primarily Russia and China, which itself will soon have to resolve the issue of Taiwan. But, apparently, other front lines will gradually open up.

Could this lead to a third world war? Most likely, yes. And in some sense, it is already underway. For a war to become global, what is primarily needed is a critical mass of accumulated contradictions that cannot be resolved in any non-military way. This condition has been met. The West is not intending to voluntarily give up its hegemony. And the new poles — emerging independent civilisations, large spaces — are not willing to tolerate this hegemony. Especially since the USA and the collective West demonstrate a complete inability to be leaders of humanity, not alleviating but only fanning new conflicts and wars with their policies. If war is inevitable, then it remains to be won.

What role does Donald Trump’s position play in this escalating confrontation between the West and Islam? Biden is a convinced globalist, a fierce Russophobe, and an extreme proponent of unipolarity. This explains his persistent support for the Kiev neo-Nazi regime and totally excusing Israel — including direct genocide. Trump’s position is more complex. He is a classic nationalist, for whom the interests of America as a state are foremost, not ephemeral plans for world domination. Regarding Russia, Trump is indifferent. He is more concerned with trade and economic competition with China. But at the same time, he is under the full influence of the Zionist lobby in America itself. Therefore, in the impending war between the West and Islam, no weakening can be expected from his side and from the Republicans in general. In this context, if Trump’s return to the White House can weaken support for Ukraine (which is very important for Russia), then in relation to Muslims and especially Palestinians, he will pursue a rather tough policy — perhaps even tougher than Biden. Therefore, one must be realistic and expect a serious and difficult protracted war.

It is only important to realise that this is not a religious conflict. This is a war of the atheistic, materialistic West against all traditional religions. Therefore, it is quite possible that the time for the last battle has come.

Will this looming conflict escalate into a nuclear war? This cannot be ruled out, especially the use of tactical nuclear weapons. It is unlikely that those with strategic nuclear weapons (Russia and NATO countries) will use them — it would be equivalent to the destruction of all humanity. However, since tactical nuclear weapons are possessed by Israel, Pakistan, and possibly Iran, their local use cannot be excluded.

What will the world order look like during this impending confrontation? There is no ready-made answer to this. The only certainty is that establishing a strong and stable unipolar world order, which globalists desperately cling to, is ruled out. The world will no longer be unipolar under any circumstances. The world will either be multipolar or not exist at all. The more aggressively the West insists on maintaining its hegemony, the more fierce the struggle will be.

But multipolarity will not just come into being on its own. The Islamic world is currently undergoing a significant regrouping. If Muslims can unite against a common fierce enemy, a full-fledged Islamic pole will emerge. If not, the advent of multipolarity will be delayed.

It seems that each pole must prove its right to exist through conflict. Russia will become a full and sovereign pole by winning in Ukraine. China — by resolving the issue of Taiwan.

The Islamic world — by insisting on a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

Then it will be the turn of India, Latin America, and Africa, increasingly clashing with the neocolonial forces of the West. All poles of the multipolar world will have to pass their exam.

After that, we will partially return to the pre-Columbian world order, where, in addition to Western Europe, several empires coexisted — Chinese, Indian, Russian, Ottoman, and Persian, as well as independent, strong states in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Even in Oceania, there were political and social systems, later equated by European colonisers and racists to ‘savagery’ and ‘barbarism’. Therefore, multipolarity is quite possible. This is what humanity was like before the start of Western globalist imperialist policy in modern times.

This does not mean that peace will immediately prevail on the planet. But such a multipolar world order will be much fairer and more balanced in any case.


translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister